PLEASE NOTE - Shipments abroad will be made only additional fee, depending on costs and delivery times in the destination country. If you would like to add ‘out of Israel’ shipment, please contact us by filling and submitting this CONTACT FORM

Locate “Zielinski-Rozen” (“the Site”), whose address is primary: WWW.ZRP.CO.IL is a site on the Internet runs a virtual shop on the Internet to customers in Israel only

The site is used for e-commerce and purchasing products and services by the public online in Israel

Here is a website company “Artzot Derech Habsamim LTD” HPT 514 828 573 Address: 10 Rabbi Pinchas Street in Tel Aviv Manages the sales website under the brand name Zielinski & Rozen

Action website here any session purchasing products offered on the website

Each operation operation site states that is aware of the Rules of Procedure of the site and the rules of participation on the site and sacrament, and that he and / or its representative any and all claims and / or claims against the owners and accordance with policies and rules of participation operators and / or their representatives except claims related to breach of obligations with site and / or operators in

may participate in on-site sales made by Israeli residents aged 18 or over, holding Israeli credit card law
(local or international) is valid. Participation conditional on the registration and delivery of personal information
complete, correct, proper and accurate as required on the order form. You can also make purchases that credit card payment by coordinating and booking by telephone

The provisions of these regulations shall apply to any use made by you on the site and the purchase would be carried out by you through the Site, and will form the legal basis for any discussion or disagreement with “Artzot Derech Habsamim” LTD

Browsing the Site and / or purchasing products or services offered for sale which constitutes your agreement to accept and act in accordance with the regulations. So if you do not agree with any of the terms please do not make any use of the site

Content uploaded and published publicly on the site, may be presented in any other media, including cell site and / or satellite and / or any other means and / or sites other than the site of which are under the management of “Artzot Derech Habsamim LTD ” and the If not, or for any other valid as there is or will be available in the future and the provisions of these regulations shall apply in connection with the presentation of the said content and / or use of content for any purpose stated

Anywhere in these guidelines used in the masculine, feminine also refers implicitly

Kotrot chapters are presented for convenience and user orientation will not be used in interpreting the regulation

Delivery and Shipping Policy

Free deliveries will be made only in Israel only and in accordance with the limitations of regular mail delivery postal authority Postal Terms (or any other body through which supply will be made) shall apply to any supply of a product through the Site and will require each client

The customer approve the additional cost of delivery after booking

A temporary supply of the goods / services are 5 business days shipment in Israel only, or as they are indicated on sale, include only the mode of calculating business days in Israel : Sundays through Thursdays. Excluding Fridays, Saturdays, eve of holidays and holidays

If the customer wishes to change the address for delivery, and subject to the approval of this request by the “Artzot Derech Habsamim LTD” work days will be counted from the date of approval of the request for change of address by the “Artzot Derech Habsamim LTD “

Artzot Derech Habsamim LTD” shall not be liable for any delay in delivering the product beyond its control” In case of delay in supply beyond 7 business days, the customer may cancel the invitation and get his money back

delivery of the products will be the customer and / or the post office nearest to the residence of the customer and / or any place and / or in any way coordinated with the client, all in accordance with and subject to the conditions of work of the Postal Service or United Parcel on behalf of the “Artzot Derech Habsamim” LTD

It is hereby clarified that if the company is unable to shipments on behalf of the “Artzot Derech Habsamim” LTD option to make the delivery of the goods to the customer and / or the post office nearest the place of residence of the customer for any reason, including because of the location of the customer and / or the terms and conditions shipping company from the “United Incense Route Ltd”, the customer shall be entitled to collect the products from any entity holding the products until no later than 10 days of the announcement of the “Artzot Derech Habsamim LTD.” so the customer via e-mail

free shipping, including regular delivery or by registered mail at the election of the company “Artzot Derech Habsamim LTD” which includes bringing the product to the customer’s apartment or to the post office near his home’ limited to Israeli land only

delivery of the product is a personal, ie only to the commissioning and presentation of identity card of the customer delivery status. If the customer does not receive the product sole responsibility to grant power of attorney on his behalf as well as his social security recipient of the product ordered

The client who wishes to receive the product independently as above to place your order by phone and arrange a time to receive the product. In this case the customer will not be charged postage

When collecting independent of the store “Artzot Derech Habsamim LTD”, the client will display an ID card and a credit card making the reservation. Customer Pickup independent operation of the product, shall be responsible for any damage of any kind whatsoever, that the product if it has transferred custody , including damage caused during transportation of the product to the product