Aroma: heady, strong, rich floral scent with hypnotic and dark green nuances

There are around 26 of wild and several hundreds of cultivated variances of narcissus. It is mainly a spring-time flower but some sorts bloom in autumn. Sorts are different by color, shape and size. The flower can be yellow or white, but also combined white and yellow, orange, red, and pink

Narcissus originates from South-West Europe and North Africa, but some sorts can be found in Central Asia and China

Narcissus oil is extracted by enfleurage (technique of extraction of fragrant components by oil). Nowadays it is also extracted by volatile solvents, a technique that produces both concrete and absolute. The oil isused for production of essential oil for perfume industry. It takes 500 kilograms of hand-picked flowers to produce 1 kilogram of concrete, or 300 grams of absolute. The major quantities of narcissus essential oil are produced in the Grasse region of France and in the Netherlands.

תגובות פייסבוק


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