Aroma: citrusy-sweet, juicy, fresh, fruity

Orange tree is evergreen flowery tree and it is the most commonly grown tree fruit in the world. Essential orange oil is produced by cold-pressing the fragrant peel and most commonly used aromatic ingredients in perfume industry and aromatherapy. There are different types of orange and each one of them has different odor characteristics. Bitter Orange, Blood Orange, Orange Blossoms and Mandarin Orange are most commonly found in perfume compositions. The bitter orange tree is grown in the western parts of India, eastern Africa and Himalayas. Every part of Bitter orange is used for producing different scent.  The essential oil is derived from peel of a fruit, orange leaves are used in production of Petitgrain oil, and delicate white flowers are used for production of Neroli and Orange Blossom. Being one of the most fragrant flowers, orange blossoms are a significant and valuable material in perfume industry


Aroma: citrusy, light, slightly bitter, spicy floral aroma hints of orange

Neroli is extracted from the flowers of bitter orange. Neroli is obtained by steam-distillation of freshly picked flowers


Aroma: soft, woody green floral note

Petitgrain is produced by steam-distillation of the leaves of bitter orange. The essential oil of Petitgrain has a greenish woody orange scent

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